1. Anything that damages, interferes with and/or causes serious harm to our events’ operations or reputation is not permitted.

Any behaviour that adversely effects and/or causes interference with the operations of Kerfluffle – including but not limited to its relations and reputation with our community, municipality, venue, and/or the public – is strictly forbidden. This includes interfering with or disregarding instructions or guidance from Kerfluffle staff during the performance of their duties.

2. Smoking, e-cigarette and vaping: follow the venue’s rules.

Each venue that Kerfluffle operates in may have specific rules for allowing smoking. Please follow the rules of the venue, or ask a staffer if you are unsure.

3. Be considerate of our hosts and your fellow attendees.

In order to continue being welcome at our venue, we ask that all attendees treat the area, its employees, and its fixtures with all due care and respect.

a) Do not post any notices, advertisements, or affix/tape/glue/etc. anything to the walls, ceiling, doors, or floors of our venue without first securing permission from our staff.

b) Do not attempt to alter, misuse, damage or misplace any object within the venue space, unless expressly permitted by the venue and/or Kerfluffle staff.

c) Attendees are further advised to immediately heed any request from venue employees. In case of disagreement, attendees and staff must first comply with the request, then notify us and provide details.

d) Vandalism, damage or destruction of venue property may result in severe consequences including but not limited to revocation of attendance privileges. removal from the venue. being held financially responsible. and/or civil/criminal prosecution.

4. Harassment: ‘Costume’ does not equal consent and the universal ‘safe word’ rule applies, i.e. “‘No’ means ‘NO!’”

a) Behaviour towards another individual or group that is generally considered unacceptable and/or harmful, along with any conduct including but not limited to intimidation, threats, unwelcome physical contact, stalking, etc. will not be tolerated. If someone has stated they no longer wish to interact with you, stop.

b) Attendees are encouraged to IMMEDIATELY report any such incidents to a Kerfluffle Staff member. Your safety is our highest priority, and we are committed to treating every incident and/or situation with respect and professionalism. Please do not leave your report until it’s too late – once the event is over, our ability to address the issue is limited.

c) Kerfluffle is NOT the place to start or continue disputes. Our staff cannot resolve interpersonal conflicts or pre-emptively ban someone from attending based solely upon such. Our events are gathering places where one can meet and share common interests with others. Behaviour that is disruptive and detrimental will not be tolerated.

d) Inclusiveness: We are committed to inclusivity in our events and providing a welcoming environment to all, regardless of race, colour, national origin or ancestry, creed or religion, sex or gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, or age. Any harassment or discrimination to any individual or group is unwelcome at our event.

5. Photography, the Media, and you

Media (reporters, etc.) are not permitted in the Kerfluffle venue space unless authorized by Kerfluffle. Please contact [email protected].

a) Kerfluffle remains a private event. Consequently, media/reporters are permitted in the venue ONLY after registering as media in advance of the event and obtaining a Press Pass from Kerfluffle.

b) Kerfluffle reserves the right to take photography and/or video footage for promotional purposes.

c) Attendees must behave responsibly when interviewed by or in the presence of any media. In the event that attendees are requested to be interviewed by an external media source (i.e. news reporter) and are uncomfortable or unable to comply, please seek the assistance of Kerfluffle staff.

d) We reserve the right to deny entry to any/all media, and/or grant conditional entry subject to additional provisions including but not limited to continual escort/supervision by designated staff.

e) Additional inquiries or requests regarding media, video, or press appearances at Kerfluffle may be made to [email protected].

6. Limitation of Liability

Kerfluffle aims to take reasonable care to ensure the safety of its attendees. However, attendees should be aware of their well-being at all times. Additionally, certain voluntary events at the venue (skating, laser tag, etc) may present an additional risk of injury.

By registering for the event, you agree to release Kerfluffle, AvBrand Inc., and its associated staff and volunteers from any liability or claims arising from loss, damage, or injury, including death, that may be sustained by you or by your property arising from attendance at the event.

This agreement is binding upon you, as well as your heirs, next of kin, executors and administrators.